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Absolut Vodka cuts through with Bionic Dogs

absolute greyhound facebook app

My sister-in-law is going through a Vodka phase. Apparently you don’t get hangovers when drinking Vodka. When my wife asked her if we could bring anything to dinner she requested the cheapest bottle of vodka available. After perusing the shelves of the local Vintage Cellars I recognised the usual brands. Apart from price I had no rationale for which Vodka to buy. I never drink it straight and find that, as it’s mixed, they all taste the same. Grey Goose was pricey. Absolut was on special. I recall friends talking up 42 Below. I got a bottle of Finlandia. It was one of the cheaper ‘name’ brands.

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Is Facebook Open Graph Doomed?

Facebook Dislike button

Facebook recently announced a raft of take-over-the-internet updates at their yearly conference – F8.

A significant update is an auto-share feature that will mean everything you read on certain sites will be shared with your Facebook buddies. Instead of selecting the Recommend or Like button on every SMH article that you want to share you will just tick once the Add to Timeline button. It will share anything you do on the site like comment, watch videos, listen to music or any other interaction.

This has a few potential issues including the embarrassment of viewing articles you probably shouldn’t. My beef with the feature is that social media isn’t about sharing everything – it’s about sharing the best stuff. Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Last.fm, FourSquare, Yammer, Google+ shine light on what your network likes. This is the underlying strategy behind the Google +1 button and Facebook’s social ads and sponsored stories. Turning Facebook into a stream of people’s entire online activity will dilute it’s value.

Auto-sharing won’t do Facebook any favours in winning over privacy skeptics either. Who wants to be thinking – is this site on my timeline? Have I shared this article already? What if I want to add a comment to a story I’ve already shared automatically?

What do you think? The Like button is possibly the most passive/meaningless way to share content but is auto-sharing going one step too far?

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