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Why Digital Producers shouldn’t learn to code

I used to think that improving my knowledge of coding would be worthwhile.

– I would be able to estimate better. Clients would ask me how long it would take to build a particular website or app and I would be able to instantly give them an answer.

– I could interrogate development estimates better – ‘It won’t take 10 days!’,

– I could support the tech team by offering technical solutions – ‘How about you just back-port the revision onto the previous prod release?’

– I’d be able to sign up to Codeyear and update my social networks with messages like ‘This year I’m learning how to code’

– I’d be able to diversify my skillet and be even more valuable to my employer.

– I wouldn’t have to work with developers

I’ve recently changed my mind.

I now think Producers should stick to Producing and focus their efforts on improving their strengths rather than their weaknesses. For small operations a swiss army knife who can build as well as manage projects is a valuable asset but off shoring development is becoming increasingly popular.  Well trained and briefed cheap labour overseas is often a more attractive business solution.

It’s also fun collaborating with developers who are often geeks that are extremely passionate about their craft.

Finally, The Project Triangle is often a Project Polygon and Producers/Project Managers have enough to do.

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