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All of the Nike 2014 World Cup Commercials in one blog post

Loving these ads from Nike ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Produced by Wieden + Kennedy and already racking up millions of hits on YouTube they beautifully capture the epic nature of the tournament.

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Digital agencies – a place for product and service innovation

This year’s Society of Digital Agencies (SODA) report into the digital media industry concluded that 1 in 5 clients will, in the long term, look to their lead digital agency for product/service innovation. To clarify, we’re not talking about innovations or campaigns in marketing but innovations in product and service development – the very things they’re trying to sell.

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Moves iPhone App

ProtoGeo Oy

One of my favourite apps is Strava which tracks your cycling and allows you to compare your times with other cyclists. The worst thing about the app (and most fitness apps) is that it requires the user to open the app, hit the start button and then hit stop once you’ve finished. The steps are annoying (especially when you’re wearing gloves). Sometimes I forget to hit stop and end up clocking a 4.6km/10 hour ride. Not ideal.

A new iPhone app called Moves solves this problem.

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Using the 60-30-10 Rule for Email Direct Marketing (EDM) Campaigns

Nike Foamposite Lite Kryotonate

Went to an EDM Campaign strategy presentation today. One of the key takeaways (apart from focusing on dynamic subject lines, clear calls to action and obvious branding) was to apply the 60-30-10 rule. That is, focus 60% of your effort on acquiring the right data, 30% on the message and 10% on the creative design. The most compelling message is only compelling to the right person. No point flogging Nike Foamposite Lite Kryotonates to a pensioner. Even if they were released in 2009.

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