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Daft Punk and the crowdsourcing of Get Lucky

Electronic music pioneers Daft Punk are generating massive digital buzz for their forthcoming single ‘Get Lucky’. Their teaser video which appeared on Saturday Night Live and at Coachella has been remixed hundreds of times.

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Why I love: Spotify


Spotify has been around for a while yet it only launched Down Under a month ago. I use it every day on my iPhone during my daily commute, via my WDTV in the living room (which is now basically my home stereo), at work (weirdly configured with Sonos to play music throughout the office) and, if I want to crank the Spice Girls, on my work PC (with my awesome new Beats by Dre Monster headphones). I’m using it now while I write this blog post on my iPad. Bobby Womack’s new Bravest Man in the Universe in fact.

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