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The mobile zeitgeist and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

tom cruise with mobile

This latest Hollywood Christmas blockbuster, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, is a fantastic example of how mobile is well and truly part of today’s zeitgeist. The film features several mobile screens in both its mise-en-scene and plot. IMF look to have a preference for Apple products with MacBooks, iPhones and iPads featuring regularly.

In one scene an elaborate contraption formed largely around an iPad projects a fake wall that’s used to break into the Kremlin. In arguably the most gripping scene, Tom Cruise chases a bad guy through a Dubai sandstorm using his mobile (I think a Galaxy Nexus) to locate his roving nemesis.

You always expect a film like Mission Impossible to have high tech gadgets. Q has been helping out 007 since 1962. But it’s the dominance in Ghost Protocol that represents something special.

Films often project and amplify current trends and it’s clear that Hollywood sees the mobile channel as one that symbolises technology, cool and…espionage.

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