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Adtech Sydney: Mobile Destination Seminar takeaways


Went to Adtech Sydney this afternoon. Nothing much to report. Almost went to Sexpo by mistake. Might have been more fun. Anyhow, went to a session called: A Mobile Destination: Vital For The Success Of Your Mobile Campaign.

High level takeaways include:

  • Users require mobile pages to load within 5 seconds. The drop off rate after this time is staggering so make sure you have a speedy page load.
  • Navigation should be super easy and thumb friendly.
  • Always allow access to the full site
  • The rule of 3 – always keep task completion down to three steps.

That was pretty much it. Kelly Slessor told a nice story about how she tried to buy her hubby a father’s day gift but a poorly optimised Bunnings mobile website resulted in her discovering that Officeworks sell screwdrivers. I’ve simplified it but her storytelling was top notch clearly highlighting key pain points for users and the importance for mobile sites to have great UX.

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