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Daft Punk and the crowdsourcing of Get Lucky

Electronic music pioneers Daft Punk are generating massive digital buzz for their forthcoming single ‘Get Lucky’. Their teaser video which appeared on Saturday Night Live and at Coachella has been remixed hundreds of times.

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‘Passion beats PowerPoint’ and other things I learnt about presenting today

apple slide

Today I was lucky enough to attend a presentation by advertising and pitching guru Mike Morrison. He gave a fantastic presentation at my office about how to succeed at pitching. Although the content was very insightful I found the greatest takeaways were from his presentation style. Here they are: Continue reading

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Why sport needs crowdsourced coaching

So last week at Wimbledon Viktor Troicki was playing Novak Djokovic and someone yelled out to Viktor that he should serve to Novak’s backhand. He did exactly that and won the point. Coincidence? Perhaps, but the dude in the crowd obviously saw something that Victor didn’t.

Arguably, the punter doesn’t know as much as the coach but what about the collective knowledge of the crowd. I’m not just talking about the crowd at the venue but everyone watching the event via TV or online. There is a tremendous opportunity for a sporting team to engage its fans via crowdsourced coaching. Currently, some teams engage pre and post events via social media for fixture advertising and ‘best on ground’ polls but rarely do organisations engage their fans during the match. Continue reading

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The importance of switching off


This weekend I’m going to turn off my MacBook Pro, my iPhone and my iPad. I won’t tweet or check Facebook. I won’t watch any YouTube videos or check my email. I won’t read the news on my iPad or write a blog post.

I’m doing this for three reasons.

1. I watched a TED talk by Sherry Turkle and it scared the shit out of me.

Turkle is a general genius and author of Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Less From Each Other. Her TED preso is about people’s fear of being alone and their reliance on gadgets to feel connected. She has some great insights that made me question the role of technology in society.

2. I’ve developed an unpleasant feeling of self-consciousness.

I’ve recently become a dad. Over the last few months I’ve started to get an uneasy feeling anytime I notice my son watching me use my iPhone or iPad. I don’t want him to see me addicted to my second screen 24/7. Is he going to be like Bridger (the YouTube baby that can intuitively use an iPad)? How are children going to navigate and understand the differences between online and offline relationships? Like walking, talking and eating they will probably experiment and make mistakes. Hopefully, in time, they will understand the nuances, pitfalls and benefits of both realms.

3. I’m addicted to my iDevices

A recent Nielsen study concluded that the average person looks at their phone 150 times per day. I’d say I’d be up around 200 daily views which is just depressing. As my wife reminds me, on my deathbed will my one regret be ‘I didn’t spend enough time on Twitter’? Unlikely.

So the big digital detox is set. I’ll report any adverse side effects but like people who quit drinking for a month I’m pretty sure the experience will make me feel great.

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