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S01E01 – Hugh Munro, Strategy Director at Tongue

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Hugh Munro is a self confessed planner geek and has worked at The Campaign Palace, McCann and is currently the Strategy Director at Tongue. He loves all things sport and in this podcast he talks about the impressive progress of digital sports broadcasting, the exciting trend towards mobile devices making life easier and his advice for people wanting to get into planning. Continue reading

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Why I won’t be subscribing to the SMH tablet app


Because I’m not a chump.

From July 2, the Fairfax websites – the and – will provide free access to the first 30 articles users view each month. After that users will need to subscribe or delete their cookies.

The tablet apps of both ‘newspapers’ will adopt a freemium model leaving some sections free while others will require you to subscribe at $22 a month. Continue reading

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Digital agencies – a place for product and service innovation

This year’s Society of Digital Agencies (SODA) report into the digital media industry concluded that 1 in 5 clients will, in the long term, look to their lead digital agency for product/service innovation. To clarify, we’re not talking about innovations or campaigns in marketing but innovations in product and service development – the very things they’re trying to sell.

Here are four reasons why this insight will change the remit of digital agencies. Continue reading

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User Testing wins again

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I’ve always been a massive fan of user testing. That is, the process of testing something with an actual user, learning from it and then updating it based on the insights. Unfortunately, it always seems to get bumped due to time or budget. Recently I was lucky enough to organise some user testing for one of my projects. Although our wireframes were in Axure we wanted to also test a proposed design look and feel so we built a semi-functional HTML prototype of the proposed ‘optimisations’ to test against. Continue reading

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