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Monster or Aerobics? Mentos: It’s UP2U Campaign Microsite

It's UP2U screen shot

Today’s FWA site of the day is a great little campaign microsite for Mentos from the US. Titled ‘It’s UP2U‘ the 100% Flash site contains a selection of simultaneously played juxtaposed videos. There is Monster or Aerobics, Superhero or Supermodel, Hip Hop or Astronaut and Zombies or Gameshow. Although the production values aren’t massive, the videos are fun and well produced. The kicker is that the user decides how much to view of each video by horizontally sliding the screen divider. George Lucas would be proud. Each video concludes with a report of which flick you preferred (watched the most) along with the usual social share buttons (that feature humorous pre-written messages).

The product link is that there is a new Mentos gum that has two flavours within the one pack. Great example of a fun site with high virability that has a loose but valid brand connection.

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SBS Tour de France 2011 Commercial

This is one of my favourite ads of 2011. Beautifully shot, the commercial for SBS TV’s broadcast of the 2011 Tour de France is a great example of how a short TV spot can completely captivate and engage an audience. The dreamlike shots of a burning bike intercut with memories of learning to ride make quite an impact.

For more information about the spot check out The Inspiration Room.

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Adidas – All In


Adidas Teal Shoes

One of the benefits of working at an integrated agency is that the water cooler banter often involves cool ads. I love the new All In campaign for Adidas. It’s bold, aspirational and lives online through a range of different edits. Apparently there is a component that encourages people to submit their ‘game faces’ but I couldn’t find it after two seconds of googling and hence gave up.  The version currently blitzing YouTube also features a new track by Justice which will only help the play count sky rocket. Enjoy.

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