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All of the Nike 2014 World Cup Commercials in one blog post

Loving these ads from Nike ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Produced by Wieden + Kennedy and already racking up millions of hits on YouTube they beautifully capture the epic nature of the tournament.

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Dollar Shave Club: Why I wore a tie to work

I wore a tie to work on Friday and nearly every second person made a comment. It’s obviously one of those things. Anyhow, the reason I wore a tie is because the previous night, whilst tucked into bed, face glued to my iPad, I watched a guy wearing a tie talk about chearp razors – yes – the Dollar Shave Club video.

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Happy Mother’s Day from P&G

The Olympics are around the corner and P&G can’t help thanking ‘Moms’ around the world for doing the hardest job in the world.

Superb editing, music and diverse coverage tells the story of several mums who help their kids become Olympians. Top notch.

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Absolut Vodka cuts through with Bionic Dogs

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My sister-in-law is going through a Vodka phase. Apparently you don’t get hangovers when drinking Vodka. When my wife asked her if we could bring anything to dinner she requested the cheapest bottle of vodka available. After perusing the shelves of the local Vintage Cellars I recognised the usual brands. Apart from price I had no rationale for which Vodka to buy. I never drink it straight and find that, as it’s mixed, they all taste the same. Grey Goose was pricey. Absolut was on special. I recall friends talking up 42 Below. I got a bottle of Finlandia. It was one of the cheaper ‘name’ brands.

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