3 things that surprised me about the iPhone 6 Plus

Wow. The iPhone Plus is an amazing device.

As expected the screen is magnificent. I went the plus over the regular size due to the fact that I use my phone more for social media and email rather than as a phone. I’m also going blind and recently purchased glasses so the larger screen makes sense.

Also as expected, the battery performance is impressive, no doubt thanks to the larger form factor allowing for a larger battery.

My transition to the new device isn’t completely to expectation. 3 things have surprised me so far.

1. Performance

The iPhone 6 is extremely slick on the outside but it’s what’s under the hood that truly impresses.

Apple’s A8 processor is made with the 20nm production method, delivering faster CPU and GPU performance at a lower power consumption, compared to last year’s A7 endeavor, found in the iPhone 5s and the iPad Air.

Switching between apps, video playback, web page loads and email searches are all much faster on the Plus. I expected a bump but it’s like you’re using a new MacBook Pro.

2. Blown up apps

The Plus up scales unoptimised apps to fit on the larger screen. You don’t get the distortion noticed when you blow up an iPhone app on an iPad via the ‘X2’ button but it does make the UI a bit more clunky and a bit less slick.

Fingers crossed app developers swiftly roll out updates shortly to give plus users an optimal experience. WordPress, Google maps, Facebook all have work to do in this space. Good old Evernote has made the update and it looks amazing.

3 The Camera

The quality of the camera particularly video (most obvious in slow mo mode) is phenomenal.

The iPhone 6 Plus uses the same camera as the iPhone 6, with the addition of optical image stabilisation (OIS). The OIS system physically moves the camera’s lens to counteract the natural movement and vibration which occurs while the phone is used hand-held.

So the Plus wins in low-light environments where longer exposures are required and camera shakes become more of an issue.

I would definitely advise all iPhone users to consider an upgrade to the Plus.

Already a user? What has surprised you so far? Leave a comment below or flick me a tweet – @pscobie


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