S01E05 – Josh Berriman, Digital Media Manager at the Sydney Swans

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The fifth episode of Estimate Approved includes an interview with Josh Berriman, Digital Media Manager at the mighty Sydney Swans AFL football club. In the interview he covers the significance of the recent AFL broadcasting rights deal, the impact of the second screen trend on the game and also the importance of diversifying your skill set to pursue a career in digital. Plus I share my thoughts on Renegade Collective – a newish magazine for anyone interested in digital, entrepreneurship, business, art and culture.

Get in touch with Josh via email.

Show Links

2013 AFL Broadcasting, Scheduling & Infrastructure Report (PDF)

Sydney Swans Mobile Apps and the Sydney Swan’s twitter account.

‘That goal’ – Jared McVeigh’s 2012 Grand Final set shot from a fan’s perspective

The internet of sporty things – My blog post for The White Agency about how the second screen might impact sport

AFL related posts on Estimate Approved

Renegade Collective

Zino – Magazine App

Elmwood – Brand design consultancy

Robocop – IMDB

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One thought on “S01E05 – Josh Berriman, Digital Media Manager at the Sydney Swans

  1. Great episode, Peter. I enjoyed the talk with Josh and found it interesting on how he talked about the evolution of the Sydney Swans app from a pseudo-RSS reader to a full featured app.

    He alluded to how the Swans were the top-in-class in Australian sports in regards to digital content strategy but are still in the nascent stage in comparison to the USA which is on a whole different level.

    In the NFL the New England Patriots are the pioneers in the space, leading the way in many ways such as launching their website in 1995, producing podcasts and daily video content and even having a live internet radio broadcast / livechat/ social app 2 hours before *every* game.

    I’m not sure if that much of investment in content production and technology is viable in Australia yet (The Patriots have 5M Facebook fans) but it would be interesting to see the Digital Space evolve in the Australian sporting scene in the next few years and offer a new way to experience fandom that was impossible just a few short years ago.


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