S01E02 – Mike Barry, Creative Director at The White Agency

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Mike Barry is the Creative Director of The White Agency. He has worked with brands such as Lion, Lexus and Commbank to name a few and was named in the AdNews Top 40 under 40 in 2012. In this interview he talks about the recent ‘podcast explosion’, the exciting times ahead for stories via digital and the importance of trusting your gut in the creative process.

 or check his website out – nownotyet.net

Show Links

The Nerdist Writers Panel Podcast

The Treatment Podcast

The Q and A with Jeff Goldsmith Podcast

Word Balloon Podcast

Game of Thrones HBO Website

The White Agency’s website featuring several blog posts by Mike

Facebook buys WhatsApp for 19 billion

Kevin Spacey talks Netfix, House of Cards and how stories will be told in the future

Music heard in the background is Cold Tap by Richmo.

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One thought on “S01E02 – Mike Barry, Creative Director at The White Agency

  1. […] If you would like to hear what I think about digital stories, the “podcast explosion”, advice for aspiring Creative Directors and trusting your creative voice, check out Episode 2 of the Estimate Approved Podcast. […]


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