BMWi’s ‘Become Electric’ virtual test drive app

BMWi (yes the i is for innovation) together with agency WCRS have recently released a mobile app for Android and Apple devices that allows the user to experience a ‘virtual test drive’.

Featuring 360 degree video, users can navigate around the car via the device’s gyroscope.

A slightly absurd narrative involves you driving around a ‘foreign city’ in a race against time. You are forced to pick up a mysterious stranger and then embark on ‘a thrilling mission, outrunning the sinister Shadows who are pursuing you and deliver The Key as you help the world Become Electric.’

Shot by Emmy-winning Director Jason Zada (the guy who made – remember that?)  the app also uses 360 degree sound and, of course, the all important call to action to book a real-life test drive.

So despite a very odd narrative you will enjoy interacting with the app so much that it won’t really matter.


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