Setup, track and pay for your next bar tab using Clipp

Clipp is an Australian iOS app that allows you to easily setup and settle a bar tab.

The app is made by the same team that brought us the eCoffeeCard app.

They’ve poured more effort into their latest product through (for a start it’s optimised for the iPhone 5’s tall screen) and overall the UX and UI are both very slick and intuitive.

After a relatively simple registration process users can find suitable venues based on their current location. At the moment only a handful of bars are facilitating Clipp, however, this is will almost certainly grow. A big user of eCoffeeCard I was emailed a $10 promo code for The Argyle which was nice. Payments can be done by credit card or PayPal so you can leave your wallet and money clip at home.

Nice features that over deliver include an emailed tax receipt (great for claiming expenses), an option to add a tip and the final call to action – ‘Can I call you a cab?’. Genius.

Transactions result in the acquisition of Clipp points. Not sure what I can do with these. Perhaps discounts down the track?

Clipp shows where payment apps and mobile eCommerce should be going. Australians who go to the pub – download now.

Use my Clipp code and get $10 off your first tab. Just enter F49PP during registration to claim your credit.

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