Dollar Shave Club: Why I wore a tie to work

I wore a tie to work on Friday and nearly every second person made a comment. It’s obviously one of those things. Anyhow, the reason I wore a tie is because the previous night, whilst tucked into bed, face glued to my iPad, I watched a guy wearing a tie talk about chearp razors – yes – the Dollar Shave Club video.

Born in 2011, the Dollar Shave Club is a startup by Michael Dubin and Mark Levine. Dubin worked in marketing before launching the business (online subscription based razor store) and it shows. The video ‘Our Blades Are F**cking Great‘ has had over 10 million views on YouTube. I’m a little late to the party but enjoy the video and subscribe to Dollar Shave Club (launched in Aus earlier this year).

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One thought on “Dollar Shave Club: Why I wore a tie to work

  1. S.Cobb says:

    Seriously, some guys think having a beard is a manly thing to do but being clean shaven and wearing a nice hab and tie to work is a definite touch of class. I’ve seen the Dollar Shave Club video a few times. It always makes me laugh!


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