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ProtoGeo Oy

One of my favourite apps is Strava which tracks your cycling and allows you to compare your times with other cyclists. The worst thing about the app (and most fitness apps) is that it requires the user to open the app, hit the start button and then hit stop once you’ve finished. The steps are annoying (especially when you’re wearing gloves). Sometimes I forget to hit stop and end up clocking a 4.6km/10 hour ride. Not ideal.

A new iPhone app called Moves solves this problem.

Like Fitbit and Nike’s FuelBand Moves runs in the background tracking your movements via the iPhone’s gyroscope and distance via GPS. I’ve used it for a day and haven’t noticed any extra battery loss. The extremely intuitive user interface and fairly accurate data recording will make Moves an instant hit. It’s also free and the Finish developers ProtoGeo Oy say Android and Windows Mobile versions are around the corner.

Existing apps that require user actions just for them to work need to take note and start adding ‘ambient‘ functionality pronto.

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