Why brands should offer you a drink


What if brands put more effort into rewarding their site visitors?

When users go to a website they are either browsing (‘Show me what you got’) or wanting to complete a simple task (‘What time do you close?’). Regardless, consumers are considering a brand in some way. Even if it’s for just a few seconds they are engaged with the brand, in the brand’s house.

What’s the first thing you do when you have a guest? You offer them a drink, you thank them for going out of their way to come to your pad and you reward them. The result is for guests to feel more at home and to feel good.

Hospitality principles translate to UX. Users who are rewarded feel good.

Rewards are scalable and can include anything from tangible gifts to significant discounts, valuable coupons, useful resources, enjoyable games or amazing content. Yes – many sites do this already but it’s not always clear that the brand is rewarding its users. Expectations need to be carefully set and exceeded for rewards to have an optimal effect. So a brand that makes users feel welcome will benefit greatly. As brands scramble for our attention online rewards will be the key factor in winning users trust and dollars.

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