Is Social Media narcissistic?

Social Media T-Shirt

“Some of the youth of today have a higher level of narcissism than perhaps the youth of the past, but one needs to take into account the developmental context to this…Narcissism is a normal stage of life that people often grow out of and it’s not the end of the world if children or youth are going through a narcissistic stage” – Dr Ranil Gunewardene

Watched a pretty interesting episode of Insight last night about narcissism. As a father-to-be and a Digital Producer it raised several interesting questions about parenting and social media.

Social networks are often referred to as been narcissistic. Users can portray themselves in a much grander, more positive but delusional light. I’m sure everyone follows someone who over shares ‘look at me’ photos, checkins or status updates that are nearly always of them having a great time or boasting about their successes. I may even be guilty from time to time.

Surely the positives of social media out way the negatives. One person on Insight suggested that Facebook is sometimes the only social interaction for people who work in offices. I know without Facebook I’d have no idea what my brother was up to in Munich. Arguably, without LinkedIn, I wouldn’t have my current job. Twitter is such a convenient way to stay up to date with the latest news and I use FourSquare to find/share good coffee shops and restaurants. Social media is about prioritising the good stuff from all the crap on the net. Yes it can be used for evil in the wrong hands but most of the time it’s a great lifestyle enhancement tool.

The picture above is from a T-Shirt design that you can buy from Despair.

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One thought on “Is Social Media narcissistic?

  1. Rob says:

    It always astounds me how much Social Media websites has an impact on the amount of traffic that you can get when done correctly

    Keep up the great work,



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