Overused words in digital media


Hollywood has made a show called Leverage. Unfortunately, it’s not a modern day Mad Men about a digital agency leveraging opportunities to create results driven success for their clients. It’s a modern day Robin Hood where good/high tech/web 2.0 criminals nab booty from evil/old school/web 1.0 criminals.

The show title reminded me of some terrible overused words or terms thrown around in digital media such as:

360 degrees – Buzz term for the pervasive nature of digital media.

Piece of string – ‘How do I tell the account manager that this is a poorly crafted brief that I can’t acurately estimate?’

App-like [web design] – Apps are cool = web sites need to look more like apps.

Opportunities – ‘How can we make money?’

Facebook – A company wanting to be the internet.

User Experience/Userbility Testing  – An integral phase of digital production that is often brushed over.

Game changer – A term given to something new to make it sound better.

Partner  –  An arranged marriage.

What are your favourite overused digital words?

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